Spokane’s Favorite 6 Day Food & FREE Music Festival

The Pig Out in the Park Story

Learn About Spokane's Favorite 6 Day Food and FREE Music Festival

The Pig Out in the Park Story

Pig Out in the Park is a cooperative project produced by Burke Marketing and the Six Bridges Arts Association. Since 1979, we have raised approximately $8.5 million dollars to present what has grown into Spokane’s six-day Labor Day Weekend food and free music festival.

During our 42-year run, we have served over 3,750,000 hungry customers. It has been estimated that Pig Out in the Park currently has a $7.2 million annual economic impact and a 42-year total of well-over $170 million dollars.

All musicians and labor at Pig Out in the Park are paid. We have hired over 750 part time employees.

We have hired over 3,500 musical acts and paid over $3.5 million in entertainment talent fees and concert production costs.

Actual ticket value of the free entertainment we have presented to our audiences, over 42 years, is approximately $30 million (based on estimated audience counts and customary/appropriate ticket prices).

Pig Out in the Park has a great reputation with professional talent representation and Pig Out has been selected as one of Washington State’s most popular 10 annual events. We have been voted Spokane’s favorite festival for several years.

For entertainment talent and event staff we have paid over $350,000 for city-center accommodations (this does not include any of the accommodation our vendors and audience have purchased). Our very loyal fan-base comes from Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Canada and beyond.

We have worked with over 575 different food and public market vendors and more than 295 local and regional small and family-owned businesses.

We are very proud to say that we have also raised and contributed close to $225,000 to local and regional food banks and hunger-prevention organizations and campaigns.

We also spend close to $100,000 every year for our regional advertising campaign to promote our city-center/Riverfront Park event.

Combining all Riverfront Park/City of Spokane revenue from Pig Out in the Park, the City earned almost $100,000 in 2022 from the event. This does not include local sales taxes and State of Washington sales taxes and Business and Occupation taxes paid.

Pig Out in the Park is a very family-friendly event and we produce one of Spokane’s most ethnically diverse annual events. Everyone is welcomed at Pig Out in the Park.

The 2022 Pig Out in the Park was our best event to date, with our largest audience ever (about 122,000 people attended Pig Out over six days).

Thank you, greater-Spokane, for your continued support. See you August 28 - September 2, 2024 for the 42nd Annual Pig Out in the Park.