Friday the 1st at 12:15 PM - Clocktower Stage

Zoramena is the Basque word for “madness.” And considering they are the Inland Northwest’s only full-tilt rock-and-roll blues prog R&B band, they believe it lives up to the name. Come out to a show and see for yourself, you won’t regret it. Every Zoramena gig is full of surprises (the good kind) and ebullient energy. Formerly Ben Vogel & the Contraband, the trio has been hard at work since 2021, performing stages such as Spokane’s Knitting Factory and Pig Out In The Park festival. Lead singer and guitarist Ben Vogel’s original music has been recognized on I Don’t Hear a Single, Tongue Tied Magazine, North Idaho Now! podcast, BattleStar Eclectica on KYRS radio, and more

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