Shaiden Hutchman

A bard wears many masks of many faces, but underneath them all is the artist; The one pulling the strings. Born in Idaho, reared in British Columbia, tempered in the crucible of Texas and finally granted asylum in eastern Washington, Shaiden’s music is as unique as the path he has traveled in his 28 years. Formerly of Catalyst (Texas) and Banish The Echo (Spokane), he is proud to currently be wearing the skin of Straid in Spokane’s very own musical super-cell, Sovereign Citizen and The Non-Prophets. Shaiden has never been one to be confined by a single genre, but rather pushes for quality of composition in many forms and depth of lyrical content above all else. Whether you find him as a component in a band, or flying solo with his acoustic guitar, his passion and depth bleed through into every note. Regardless if you like to dance to a toe-tapping beat, reminisce to a sad and haunting melody, shout along with a driven anthem or laugh at a comedic cover, Shaiden’s sets will deliver it to you with a commanding yet humble stage presence.